The ENIGMA Consortium is organized into 51 working groups that study a specific disease, genetic modality, method, or healthy variation in the human brain. With 9 groups focused on methods, 31 with clinical foci and four on genomics, ENIGMA is a pioneer in neuroimaging and genomics studies. By pooling together neuroimaging and genetics data from across the world. Our long-term goal is to identify personalized biological predictors of brain structural and functional decline and assess how they generalize globally. We focus on biological predictors of aging as they are more mechanistically interpretable and may be more modifiable at the individual-subject level than social factors.
ENIGMA-Lifespan, ENIGMA-Epigenetics, ENIGMA-Plasticity and ENIGMA-Parkinson's Disease are currently leading the ENIGMA World Aging Center. Click on their pages for more info on the project leaders and their specific aims! For more information on the other ENIGMA working groups, please visit our ENIGMA Consortium website.